Super Bargain inside the bar, 4 2 setter tables in the front of the photo and each table has a candle. The bar is in the background and has navy chairs around the bar.

Our Story

Nestled in the heart of Toronto's vibrant Cabbagetown neighbourhood, our cocktail bar boasts a rich history and eclectic charm. Formerly home to the beloved Super Bargain Thrift and Discount Store for over four decades, our establishment now serves up some of Toronto's finest cocktails and snacks. Located at 441 Parliament St., our venue retains the nostalgic allure of its past life, with a sign bearing the original store's name still proudly adorning our front door. Whether out of fondness or mere inertia, the name remains, a testament to the enduring spirit of this locale. Our journey has been one of transformation and triumph, as we've breathed new life into this hidden gem. Despite its modest beginnings, our bar has become a vibrant hub, beloved by locals and visitors alike.


Wooden arch around the bar around haning on the wall. All the bars liquor bottles are under and inside the hanging arched structure.

Step inside, and you'll discover an inviting atmosphere, complete with captivating wallpaper and an eccentric design that's easy to adore. We've curated an impressive selection of cocktails and mocktails using locally sourced and fresh ingredients and our beers, wines, and spirits have been carefully selected to cater to all tastebuds.

Embracing the nostalgic charm of a classic corner convenience store, our selection of light snacks include both salty and sweet items, along with nachos and hot cheese sauce, hotdogs, and for the more "bougie" we have charcuterie boards and cheese boards.

If you're craving a slice of pizza to complement your drink, simply scan the QR code on your table to access our Blondies Pizza ordering portal for a delicious delivery straight to your table.

So whether you're in search of a great cocktail, a cozy ambiance, or simply a slice of Cabbagetown's history, join us at our neighbourhood haunt for an unforgettable experience.

Bartender pouring a drinkg into a cocktail glass with one hand. The hand has 1 ring on it and the cocktail is light orange with a few pieces of ice and a orange swirl.

In addition to our delightful cocktails and snacks, we offer an array of bespoke cocktail gift boxes, ready-to-drink cocktails for catered events or everyday enjoyment, and an assortment of at-home bar essentials. From tools and garnishes to bitters and mixes, we've curated a selection of merchandise and other items to suit our customers' needs and wants. Don't forget to check out our crowd-favourite logo-bearing merchandise, perfect for showing off your love for our bar wherever you go. Whether you're looking to elevate your home bar, searching for the perfect gift for the cocktail enthusiast in your life, or simply seeking a memento to cherish the memorable moments at our bar, we've got you covered.